A Western New York pizzeria has created a very unusual pizza combination that has people asking "What's the dill with this pizza?"

For those of you convinced that pineapple was the worst thing you could put on pizza, meet the Dill Pickle Pizza. Rhino's Pizzeria and Deli in Webster, NY created this flavor combination, and it's definitely creating a big debate over whether pickles belong on pizza.

The pizza is topped with garlic sauce and a healthy helping of dill pickles.

The comments on their Facebook post about the new pie range from "gross!" to "OMG Where has this been all my life?" Invariably, comparisons to the classic pineapple on pizza debate have arisen as well.

Rhino's professionals say the best way to enjoy their dill pizza is with ranch dressing for dipping.

What do you think about this pizza - does it need to make its way to Central New York? Would you eat it? Or are you more of a sauce and cheese traditionalist?

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