When you think of all the time we spend in our cars, accidents are bound to happen.  However, there are specific days of the year that happen to be more dangerous than others for motorists.   What are the most dangerous days of the year for drivers? 

Fireworks aren't the only thing July 4th is famous for.  InsuranceUS says America's Independence Day also happens to be the deadliest day for car accidents.  Not surprising that alcohol often plays a factor in these accidents.

July isn't a great month for drivers, as July 2nd and 3rd also are two of the deadliest days of the years for drivers.

The ten worst days to drive are July 2nd, 3rd, 4th, December 23rd, January 1st, August 3rd,4th,6th,12th and September 2nd.

August is the deadliest month on the road, Saturday is the deadliest day and be extra careful on your drive home during the week.    Afternoons from 3-6 are the deadliest time of day as people rush home from work.  This is especially true on Fridays when we all get in "weekend" mode.

The bottom line?  Always be careful on the road and extra careful on the days listed above.

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