The newest member of the Lite 98.7 air force is Kaylin. She entertains Central New York every weekday afternoon from 3-7. And she has a goal of visiting different places and seeing different things--in alphabetical order.

She recently visited Aruba and the Bahamas, and she has a trip planned to Cancun, Mexico later this year. After that, it's the letter D. A few of these places might be a little pricey, but others are relatively close and affordable. Here are a few iDeas for Kaylin to consider:

Denmark. The European country is about a third the size of New York. Its capitol, Copenhagen, has the iconic "Little Mermaid" statue. Flights start at about $1,000.

Dublin. Either the one in Ireland or the one in Ohio. Travel costs and experiences may vary.

Detroit. It's a 7-hour drive from the Mohawk Valley, and it's so close to Canada, it has a tunnel that's the only underwater international border crossing in the world.

Des Moines. Surrounded by farmland, Iowa's capitol city boasts the #2-ranked farmer's market in the U.S. so Kaylin could go and compare it to OUR award-winning public market at Union Station.

Dallas. Home of the NFL's Cowboys. But don't let that stop you.

Denver. The Mile High City is near the famous Red Rock Canyon theater that always has great concert experiences. In fact, Utica's own Joe Bonamossa is playing there this summer.

Dannemora. Site of the Clinton Correctional Facility and the infamous love triangle and prison break and miniseries. You could turn it into a snarky-fun tourist spot, with just a 3-1/2 hour drive.

Dubai. The jewel of the United Arab Emirates has the largest Ferris wheel in the world opening later this summer, and New York might be getting one too.

Durham. North Carolina's home of the Bulls, an inspiration behind the famous Bull Durham baseball flick with Kevin Costner.

If you'd like to add suggestions to the D list, or send comments or questions to our new girl, feel free to write to


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