February 14th is not just for Valentines. It's also reserved to honor an invention that lovers from kids to adults have enjoyed ever since its debut at the 1893 World Exposition.

A Ferris Wheel spins every year at the Great New York State Fair, and at other carnivals in Central New York and all over the world. The attraction's determined mastermind George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. almost never got the idea off the ground. Meanwhile, another grand Ferris Wheel, the New York Wheel on New York City's Staten Island has a hit a permanent brick wall, and will not be completed.

Ferris first sketched out his design on napkins, then proceeded to develop his Wheel. But, despite the its success, Ferris struggled through lawsuits and went bankrupt. Then, his wife left him, and he died at the age of 37 of typhoid fever.

His birthdate of February 14th would be a perfect time to thank Mr. Ferris for his invention by taking a spin on one of his wheels. The Niagara Skywheel, overlooking the famous Falls between the Western New York and Canadian border is open year-round. If you're going, dress warmly.

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