Mountain Jam - a huge music festival on Hunter Mountain in New York, brings quite a crowd from all over the country. But what's the big deal? Why are people so hyped for this event?

If you're questioning the big deal of 'Mountain Jam,' we think it's safe to assume you haven't gone before... Yet.

Is it worth it? Yes.
Will you love it? Yes.
Are there things to keep in mind? Of course.

If you've never been to Mountain Jam before, here's what you can expect - A big party of happy people with lots of dancing, music, and meeting new friends. You first arrive to the festival grounds and find a place to camp out for the next few nights (unless you were lucky enough to stay in a hotel close by, or have an RV and have your own site on the grounds). The camping area is literally on the mountain, so you'll definitely get your exercise climbing up and down the track.

Photos From the Camping Area

The days are filled with hanging out at the campsites - Talking with neighbors, maybe sharing a drink or two. Once the afternoon hits, music can be heard throughout the festival grounds. Everyone is walking around, checking out the many vendors and unique items up for sale. Some are sitting in the grass just taking in the music and beautiful scenery. Others are riding the ski-lift to get the coolest views around. Then night hits. The night crowd gets a little more louder and more active. There's people dancing and singing along to the music. There are fire-dancers and people running around with glow sticks. It really becomes a party - But a relaxed party (there wasn't any fights, people screaming at others, or anything like that). As the music ends for the night, people start heading back up to their campsites, or the hotels they are staying at. Some head to bed, some stay up and keep the party going.

And that was just the first day. Get ready to do that every day of the festival.

So, what makes Mountain Jam more unique?

Photos From the Ski-Lift


Well, this isn't like going to a concert. You're not there just to hear one show (even if there was only one or two artists that you planned on seeing). You get the chance to experience new music and other artists - some you may have never heard of before.

But it's more than the music, as well. The people who usually go to music festivals know the drill. It's all about hanging out and having a good time. You don't see people starting fights. You don't see people getting too out of control. There are even families there - with their kids. It's a very relaxed, low-key event, and it's a blast.

Photos From the Shows

If you've never been to Mountain Jam before, it's worth the trip. You have to experience it in your life, at least once. If not for the people and the whole experience, you have to at least go for a day and see more than one show. You won't be disappointed.

Oh yeah, and shout out to Maddy, Tracy, Blake, and Kevin. They were great camp neighbors and even shared their coffee and chairs with the rest of us, who weren't completely prepared for the festival.


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