Happy Halloween!  Didn't you love this holiday as a kid?  I sure did.  Dressing up was fun but my focus was the candy.  How about kids these days?  What if I told you they'd rather have something other than candy?     Something other than candy for Halloween?  Wait a minute, this is a joke, right?  Nope.  A  survey done in part by the ADA found that although kids love candy, they'd rather have something else.  93% of kids surveyed, ages 5-13, said they'd rather have a video game than candy.   89% said they'd still have fun on Halloween if it was less about candy and more about other fun stuff.   Does this mean they don't care about candy?  Not at all.    They do still love getting candy.  Their favorite part of Halloween is trick-or-treating, followed by dressing in a costume and getting lots of candy.  94% plan to trick-or-treat, 65% called  Halloween is their favorite holiday and two out of three admit they get too much candy.  Parents aren't the only ones worried about cavities.  42% of kids surveyed worry about them too and 78% know too much candy isn't good for them.  Cisionwire.com says over 750 kids took part in the survey.  As for what is being handed out on Halloween, it's chocolate, lollipops, hard candy, bubble gum and gummy candy.  What's a good substitute for candy for the trick-or-treaters?