Shane Young is 24 and paralyzed from the waist down, a victim of a snowmobile accident.  His wheelchair is his lifeline to the world. And last night it was stolen from his driveway on Faass Ave in West Utica.

Shane's plight and plea in his own words:

I'm writting to you about my wheelchair that has got stollen. my life, my pride, and my (LEGS) have been taken from me i don't know who to turn to i have asked police to help me but they gave up. I have no other way of getting around this wheel chair now is my life. the wheel chair was stolen last night around ten o"clock last night from my drive way, i went for a ride last night to get a coffee and realized it was gone people told my fiance that it was a grown man wheeling around in it and haven't heard any other news on it! My wheelchair is a $7,000 dollar chair and there is no way i think i can get another one it was special made for my body, height and weight. I am 24 years old paralyzed from the waist down t10 to t11 with no feeling below the belt. i was paralyzed january 15,2010. This is a big change for me it was going good, i was gonna go to be a fireman the year of the accident and this happened i was big in to motor cross, it was my life. I was on barness ave. in utica on my snowmobile and my friend in his full size truck came over the top of me and the snowmobile all i can remember is sitting in a ditch trying to get up but my legs wouldnt let me i was away in albany for four months recovering doing physical therapy. I was pretty much starting to walk with leg braces and help from therapists and family with a walker when i had to be admitted back to the hospital for a pressure sore and after that one of my legs have tightened up and now i cant get my leg into a brace. I just wish this person would be honest and give me my (Legs) wheels back. I work everyday at ucp as a maintenance worker. Bad luck with me seems to never end. I have a wonderful fiance, and a three year old son that i now support no wheelchair no supporting them i love them so much they are the best thing that has ever happened i dont know what i would do with out them. Thank you for taking the time out to read this.

Please contact the UPD with any information.


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