It's an ongoing love affair but just who does your family pet love the most?

It's always a serious battle contending for the affection of your family dog isn't it? Usually but not always, Rover tends to favor one family member over the other. My sister's dog Mookie follows her around like a dryer sheet that clings to a wool sweater. He would be a lost puppy without her. Meanwhile, her husband Andy wonders why Mookie is not as affectionate with him.

Do you experience this in your home? Is your puppy demonstrating a preferred admiration for you, your spouse, or your child? Does the person who feeds him receive preferential treatment? Or is it the one who plays with, or sleeps in the same bed as Rover that gets lots more love from him?

I imagine this type of situation could create some contention in the household especially if the official owner of the doggie is NOT the one receiving most of the puppy love. Check out this video, share it with your friends, and tell us your thoughts!