Every other Wednesday, we take some time and introduce you to cats up for adoption at the CPV Rescue and Sanctuary. Normally, we would have them come to the office, but with the uptick in COVID-19 cases, we'll be introducing those up for adoption virtually.

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Here is what Mare, Executive Director of the Rescue, has to say:

Please say hello to 2 year old Apple Crisp! Apple is a gorgeous calico girl. She loves attention but is still a little unsure of all the other cats. She would do well as an only pet or maybe one or two calmer cats. She has not been dog tested. If you're interested in meeting him, please call 315-381-3605 and leave a message. We are allowing 2 people per 1/2 hour appointments. Please make sure you wear a mask also! Thank you!

You can find the CPV Rescue and Sanctuary on Facebook.

If you want to support the rescue, you can always send donations to them via Paypal.


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