No one likes to do chores, not really. But some of them, when you get them done, are just so satisfying.

I doubt any of us hop out of bed on Saturday just thrilled to be heading toward a list of chores that have to get done (and if you do, stop reading right now, this isn't for you.) Maybe we've been reading a little too much Marie Kondo, but there are some chores that just feel so good when you get them done.

Like that time we purged everything (at least everything that didn't 'spark joy' ala Marie Kondo) from our closet and had everything entirely organized. That felt REALLY good. I may have even found reasons to just stand in the closet and soak it all in.

The same thing happened yesterday when we finally cleaned the refrigerator out. Once we got rid of the jars of expired pickles, the 6-year-old mustard, and a few bags of unidentified leftovers, we took out every single shelf and drawer and cleaned them. I'm not gonna lie - I was EXCITED to open the fridge today. What is wrong with me?  

You ever get that feeling? It almost never happens with laundry, because that never gets totally done, but there's something about seeing those lines on a freshly-vacuumed rug that just make you feel so good. You know what I mean? No?

I'm not totally insane. actually came up with a whole list of chores that are really satisfying. It includes my favorites, organizing the Tupperware drawer and edging the lawn.

What's that one household chore that just makes you feel SO good when it's done? Tell me at


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