Everyone's got skeletons in their closets and messy areas of their homes--both of which we hope don't come back to haunt us.

Beth had an "Oh God" moment over the weekend when she was vacuuming and had to behind the headboard of the bed and into some other nooks and crannies. We're wondering if other folks in Central New York have these revelations--and what they do about them. So, we asked our Facebook buddies: What's the messiest part of your house, whether it's hidden ore not?

We also researched the traditionally dirtiest/messiest/germiest spots around any house. Combining OUR findings with some of YOUR comments, here's what we, um, uncovered:

Dusty surfaces. We probably fail to dust as often as we should, especially WAY up there on the tops of the home entertainment system.

Sinks. For some of us, it's a bathroom sink with toothpaste crusted to the porcelain, for others it's the kitchen sink, collecting dirty dishes like valuable memorabilia.

Kitchen counter tops. Some experts say germs run rampant here.

Drawers. Donna said her messy one is "the kitchen junk drawer." Not guilty here. We recently performed a huge exorcism of ours.

Closets. Out of sight, out of mind.

Under the bed. I've got shoes under there, I haven't seen in years.

Laundry. Scattered around the house as if it's "floor art."

The yard. Some of us utilize the back yard as a catch-all.

Other comments included a craft room, from Sandy and Dolores, who admitted is her "room from hell."

Jaime said: "My husband's side of the room. And the couch cushions."

What's the messiest portion of YOUR home? Diane responded, simply: "Inside."


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