Laundry has got to be one of the most annoying, unending chore on the planet. Several companies are hoping to cut back on the load with clothes you don't need to wash.

Aside from being a chore that you can just never get ahead of (probably because everyone INSISTS on wearing clothes), laundry also has a significant environmental impact - through water usage and the introduction of detergents into the environment. Laundry makes up 17% of your total home water usage, according to a story in Fast Company.

A company called Unbound Merino makes a t-shirt that can go weeks without being washed - even after several wears, and another company - Wool& makes a dress that can be worn 100 straight days without being washed.

This seems like the kind of thing that might work better for people who DON'T live in Central New York. When has the weather here ever been consistent enough to wear the same outfit for 100 days in a row?

Honestly, the whole 'same outfit' thing works better for guys than it does for girls. Steve Jobs wore that same mock turtleneck and jeans for DECADES. Duchess Kate Middleton wears the same coat twice and it's literally a news story. I've seen women wear the same thing as a social media challenge, but they're always accessorizing or layering the dress to change it up. You didn't see Steve Jobs throwing on a scarf or a necklace to add a little "pop" of color.

I've been known to wear jeans a few times before I wash them - but things like underwear and socks? They are going in the washer - I don't care WHAT magical fabric they're made of.

Would you wear the same clothes for 100 days without washing them?


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