Any cat owner can tell you that there is a weird connection between cats and boxes. Well, there's actually a psychological reason behind it.

You've probably noticed your cats weird love of boxes before. Maybe you bought your pet a nice new toy or bed, but unfortunately the box was the only thing your cat was interested in.

There's actually a reason why cats like boxes so much - And this cute, (somewhat cheesy) video explains it best:

Long answer, short - Cats love boxes because it makes them feel safe. Being enclosed in an area (that they can still escape from), allows them to hide. Even if they have nothing to hide from, the ability to do so is "fun" for them.

The video goes on to show how you can allow your cat to have more fun with boxes by using a technique called "enrichment." Enrichment is a tool to keep animals' minds stimulated - And keeps them growing and learning.

They actually use enrichment at the Utica Zoo for their lions. This keeps the lions on their toes, and gives them the feeling that they are still in the wild.

The video ends with a cute little cartoon of how cats react with boxes - And it's 100% completely accurate. If you own a cat or have ever owned a cat in your life, you'll be able to relate.




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