Back in 2015, the first rumors of Taco Bell serving alcohol began. Since then, Taco Bell has opened a few restaurants that serve adult beverages, and are looking to expand this feature.

With the news of more Taco Bell locations serving alcohol, is Central New York in the running to have one of these "improved" Taco Bell chains in our area?

Short answer: Probably not. At least, not anytime soon.

Taco Bell isn't serving alcohol at their already-established restaurants, they're building new "Cantina Style" restaurants, which won't have drive-thrus. Taco Bell has a few different styles for these restaurants and we'll see them popping up more and more around the country. According to NBC New York, these new Taco Bell locations will be in urban areas like New York City, Detroit, and Chicago.

Taco Bell plans on opening 300 of these new restaurants across the country, but it's going to take a few years before their project is complete.

So if we don't see one in Central New York, we'll have to take a drive to the city. I mean, you have to experience getting a beer or mixed drink while at a Taco Bell once, right? Tacos and beer just go together so well, it only makes sense to get the combination from a place like Taco Bell.

And who knows what's going to happen down the road. It seems like Taco Bell is always on the leading edge of fast food trends. They've started serving breakfast, they have tested out home delivery service and catering, and always keep up with the latest food trends. If this alcohol and taco combination proves popular, maybe we will one day see a new Cantina-Style Taco Bell Restaurant that serves alcohol in our area.





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