Picky eaters, scorpions on a stick probably isn't something you'd ever consider eating.  However, for those who like to try all sorts of different foods, this look at some of the most bizarre and unusual foods in the world might tickle your tastebuds.  Or maybe not.USA Today covered some of the weirdest foods around the globe. Ready to be intrigued or grossed out?  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Korea: Sannakji is raw octopus.  The tentacles are removed but the octopus is still moving as you eat it.  Or try Beondegi, which is steamed silk work pupae.  ( a fancy word for larva.)

China: Street vendors sell scorpions or seahorses on a stick.  This next one is truly bizarre, weird and gross.  Twice boiled eggs, boiled in urine.

Venice: Black pasta.  Angel hair pasta is cooked in cuttlefish ink, hence the black color.  Or perhaps you'd enjoy some squid sausage with your jet black pasta.

Hong Kong:  Bird's nest soup.

Europe:  The Old World taste of Casu Marzo.  Sounds fancy and interesting, until you find out it's maggot cheese.

Kenya:  Drinking cow's blood mixed with milk.

You'll never catch me trying any of these foods.  I'll leave that for the far more adventurous world travelers.