We learned recently that the cost of chicken wings is rising nationwide, so one of our favorite New York State-born delicacies may become a little pricey. That means we might have to start searching for substitutes.

How about chicken paws?

Yup, that picture above is for real. We snapped it ourselves at the New Hartford Walmart over the weekend. Seems pretty unappetizing. But, maybe the saving grace (if you see the small print at the bottom of the pic), is that these chicken paws are American chicken paws and not imported chicken paws from some third-world country.

After we recovered from the shock of seeing this alleged food item right next to the breasts and thighs, we decided to ask our Facebook Friends if they'd ever tried them...or even HEARD of them. Here's a sampling of results from our informal survey:

Bill Nichols: "Chickens have paws?"

Bill Sheley: "Seriously, how much meat can be on a chicken paw?"

Susan Nemier: "Ewwww!"

Sheri Hoesley: "I had to eat them on many occasions in China. Gag."

Jeremy Herr: "They are often found in fresh packs here in the south."

Lisa Walker: "They make delicious stock."

Until we actually TRY them (a.k.a. NEVER), we'll have to put chicken paws down alongside pig's feet, head cheese, gefilte fish, and other food items we'll take your word on.


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