Turning historic homes into Bed and Breakfasts has become increasingly popular in our society. Older homes change owners so frequently that it is rare to find a home that has remained in one family throughout its existence. In some of these Bed and Breakfasts, those former owners remain, even beyond the grave…

The Collinwood Inn in Oneida NY is currently a Bed and Breakfast with an interesting theme. The Victorian mansion’s rooms are decorated in a Dark Shadows theme, a popular ’60s soap opera featuring plenty of vampires and ghosts. While the Gothic theme of the show compliments the classic Victorian woodwork, the location has an even closer tie to the supernatural theme. The Collinwood Inn is host to multiple deceased guests, most of them tied to the long history of the home, and the antiques that decorate it.

The Collinwood was build in the late 1860s by Stephen Farnam, a local business owner and respected citizen of Oneida. Stephen passed away in the home, as did two of his sons. It is believed that Stephen, and his son, Fred, continue to reside in the home they loved.

Two other residents of the home also passed away in the home, and are believed to remain there to this day.

Activity at the Collinwood Inn consists of lights turning on and off, voices, and strange shadows appearing in photographs. Multiple guests have reported odd occurrences. Most interestingly, there is an old clock in the séance room of the Collinwood that makes it known when it needs to be wound. There have been sightings of a spirit standing next to the clock when it is in need of a winding. Once the clock is wound, there are no more sightings of the spirit until the next time the clock starts running down.

Some Bed and Breakfasts choose to ignore the haunted history of their home, fearful that it scares away potential visitors. Others, like the Collinwood Inn, choose to embrace their hauntings as part of their unique history.

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