Whoever looked upon the expression "bed of roses" favorably has yet to see the latest Years & Years video.

The British electropop trio, whose "Shine" video found them fending off attacks from otherworldly creatures, have receded into the cellar in the new video for "Foundation." And if funerals made you uncomfortable before, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

The clip opens on frontman Olly Alexander, who's laid on a flower arrangement at what appears to be a memorial service. One mourner's nose is bleeding. Another guest intently holds a candle to honor his memory. A man with blank eyes lifts his hands to reveal etchings in his palms. And just when the sideshow act couldn't conceivably get any stranger, a particularly bold attendee drags her hand through a plate of blood and, without skipping a feat, tastes her fingers. Be patient, madam — communion is on its way! (Literally. Communion, Years & Years debut album, will be available for purchase on July 10.)

"And there's a scratch on your shoulder / It crushes me like, it crushes me like lead / And I wanna get older / All the things I want I really shouldn't get," Olly sings as the camera focuses on his frantic eyes, a shifting hourglass and errant Tarot cards. Uhh...we'll just send a sympathy card, thank you very much.

Clutch your rosary, check out the clip and be sure to see when Years & Years are scheduled to perform in a city near you.

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