Roses are red, chocolates are for mom...but nothing beats a personalized romance novel by This is most likely the most romantic thing you can do for your sweetheart on Valentines Day.

The folks from tell us that:

the concept of personalized novels dates back to 1992 and has made thousands of people happy, especially around Valentine's Day. We offer 50 titles in paperback, hardback and ebook versions, and each is customized using 26 details about the starring couple provided via an online questionnaire to make them the book's hero and heroine. Those details include their names, eye and hair color, best friends' names, car, hometown, perfume, favorite music, radio station, and more.

Imagine romantic, exotic locations like Tahiti, or the Caribbean. Allow yourself and your sweetheart to enjoy a fantasy of romantic interludes and intimate situations, just like a romance novel, and get this, a photo of you two can be on the cover!

Start your romantic journey by going to and be ready for a Valentines Day you and your sweetheart won't soon forget...because you'll be able to revisit it over and over again.

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