Okay, by now you know I'm proud to be participating in the American Cancer Society's fight against breast cancer all October in #RealMenWearPink. Thanks for the donations so far, but I'm looking to kick this up a notch.

I've been wearing various shades of pink t-shirts, golf shirts, sweaters and hats. Today, Beth talked me into a different type of pink, but only under a certain set of conditions: If I add at least 50 more dollars to my American Cancer Society donation page by Sunday night, October 14, I will show up to work next week with pink hair. Watch the :60 video and click the dark pink tab after the jump:

Beth CLAIMS that this particular hair color is TEMPORARY. Let's hope she's right. Of course, I won't have to worry about paying up the wager if you don't donate. So, let's get er done for a great cause, and find out if Real Men Wear Pink Hair.


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