The Great New York State Fair always has some new and usually deep-fried food to try. This year is no exception -- and it's something you absolutely need to try: the Milky Bun.

What the heck is a Milky Bun? Glad you asked. The Milky Bun is a donut, sliced in half, and filled with ice cream and the toppings of your choice. The whole thing is then warmed so your donut is gooey but your ice cream is still cold. Then, you can add more toppings. Clearly, there's magic involved.

I think we agree that on their own, donuts and ice cream are pretty darn good. Together they can only be better. Amirite?

You can find the Milky Bun inside the Dairy Barn, because ice cream. They cost $5 each. Seems like a bargain.

The Milky Bun joins NYS Fair food classics like deep fried Oreos, turkey legs, and chocolate covered bacon.

Check out this video from Hypebeast that shows you how the Milky Bar is made:

Are you going to add the Milky Bun to your "Must Eat" list? Why or why not?




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