Have you ever been blasted with the snow coming from the roof of the car in front of you? Have you ever been unfortunate enough to be traveling behind one of these rude motorists? A friend (who commutes through Connecticut) and I were having a spirited conversation about following a snow covered car and getting blasted with their deliberate white out and he said "It's like someone throwing things out the window at you".

Good news Connecticut motorists, new legislation is in effect that would require motorists to clean off all the snow and ice that covers their car after a winter storm before driving out on the roads.

It's called The New 'Ice Missile Bill' and if you're operating a snow covered motor vehicle on a state street or highway, you could be hit with a $75 fine. If your vehicle happens to cause personal injury or property damage, the penalty shoots up to anywhere from $200 to $1,000!
CtBoom.com tells us:

Basically what the law says is that any motorist who fails to remove “accumulated snow and ice from the hood, trunk and roof of his or her motor vehicle so that it does not pose a threat to people or property while the vehicle is being operated on a state street or highway” will be hit with a $75 fine.

What do you think fellow New Yorkers, should we have this proposed here?

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