Today Chicken Cordon Blue is on the 'Light Lunch' or dinner menu.  Although it sounds and looks fattening, there a few tricks you can use to reduce some calories without losing taste.

First, pound your chicken flat between two pieces of plastic wrap.  Lay one slice of lower-sodium ham on each chicken and one slice of lower fat swiss cheese.  I also included onion and garlic powder, since I'm a spice nut.  Then roll each chicken and close with a toothpick.

From here you can do one of two things, depending on how calorie conscious you want to be.  You can cook the chicken rolls in a non-stick frying pan until no longer pink in a small amount of lite olive oil.  By avoiding the breading, you save a few calories.  Since we aren't on a Biggest Loser diet, I crushed fried onions, which are only 45 calories per 2 tablespoons, dipped the chicken in egg whites and rolled in the fried onions.  I then baked, covered for 45 minutes at 375.  It wasn't quite done, so I stuck it back in for 10 more minutes.  Ever oven is different so check to make sure the juice runs clear.  A side of salad without creamy dressing finishes off your meal.

Bon appetite!