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Homemade Salsa on the ‘Lite Lunch’ Menu
I'm a huge fan of homemade salsa.  There's nothing like authentic salsa you get at a Mexican restaurant.  Although it's not exact, our salsa on the 'Lite Lunch' menu today is close.
To make your own salsa you'll need tomatoes.  Roma seem to work the best b…
Chicken Fingers on the ‘Lite Lunch’ Menu For Valentines Day
They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  So forget the chocolate and flowers today for Valentine's Day.  What man wants those things anyway.  Go with tasty chicken fingers for dinner tonight.  It's what's on the 'Lite Lunch' menu. And if you use this recipe I found on Pinterest, yo…
Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes on ‘Lite Lunch’ Menu
We eat a lot of red potatoes at our house, but they can get old after awhile.  That is until I found this recipe on Pinterest, to spice it up a bit.  Its quick, easy and low on calories. Plus the red skin on the potatoes is good for you.  So ranch roasted red potatoes are what we&apos…
Honey Pecan Salmon on ‘Lite Lunch’ Menu
Eating healthy isn't easy.  Not only to find food that's good for you, but food that tastes good too.  Salmon is healthy but sometimes can taste to fishy for my liking.  It's all in how you cook it.  I found this interesting recipe for honey pecan glazed salmon on …
Chocolate Chili on ‘Lite Lunch’ Menu
Football isn't football without chili.  But at our house we have chili with a twist.  Chocolate chili is what's on the 'Lite Lunch' today since we had lots of leftovers.
Super Bowl Sunday is one time we cheat on healthy cooking because there is nothing healthy about my c…
Pepper Steak on ‘Light Lunch’ Menu
Steak is a rare commodity at our house. We usually have chicken or turkey burgers, since they are easy and inexpensive. But sirloin was on sale at the grocery store so, Pepper Steak is on the 'Light Lunch' menu today.
Quesadilla on the ‘Light Lunch’ Menu
How many times have you forgotten to get something out of the freezer for dinner? Chicken Quesadilla's are on the 'Light Lunch' menu today because they are easy for those times you didn't plan ahead.
Leftovers on the ‘Light Lunch’ Menu
Lets face it, we're all busy and don't have much time left in the day to make dinner. Sometimes it so much easier to stop on the way home to pick up fast food for dinner.  Or throw a frozen pizza into the over.  A pizza that contains 2000 calories.  2000!  Surely there …

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