Daily Delilah: Embracing Being Yourself
Peer pressure isn't just for kids.  Adults face it too.  Pressure to fit in at work or be the coolest one in their circle of friends.  The thinnest.  The prettiest.  The best.   Delilah has some thoughts on being who you are and not trying to be like everyone …
Daily Delilah: Open Your Eyes
How many times a day do you take a minute to stop and appreciate your surroundings?  Are you so busy that you forget to really see what's around you?
Daily Delilah: Let Me Serenade You
When people beat the odds, it's something to be proud of.  A listener shared her story with Delilah about beating the odds in her life and in her marriage.
Daily Delilah: Don’t Waste Time Being Angry
Ever find yourself mad at someone close to you who was making choices you didn't agree with?  Perhaps that anger has turned in to a wall that blocks that person out.  Maybe it's time to re-think that wall.
Daily Delilah: Making Time For Silence
Rush here, rush there.  Do this, do that.  No doubt that most people's lives are very busy with not much down time.  When was the last time you carved out a few minutes for yourself?
Delilah’s Dilemma: Sister Missing Separated Siblings
Delilah helps you unwind from a busy day with plenty of love song requests and dedications.  She also helps listeners with their problems.  It's called Delilah's Dilemma.  Did you miss the story of a sister who is separated from her two younger siblings?
Delilah’s Daily: Positive Post-It Notes
Post-it notes are a great way to remind yourself of things you need to do.  Pick up the dry cleaning, pay the bills, buy a present for a friend's birthday, turn in that report for your boss and so on.  Delilah has a different twist on post-it notes.  She recommends using them to …

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