Utica, Rome, and the surrounding area has so much to offer visitors to Central New York. I asked around and found the top 10 things visitors MUST do on a trip to this wonderfully unique area.

Utica Clock
Luke Tubia/WIBX

I'm actually getting prepared for my family to come visit the Central New York area. They have never been here before (besides my dad who helped me move in - and ended up stuck in that snowstorm in Buffalo), so there's tons I want them to see. The only problem is they're only going to be here for a few days.

I asked around the office today - especially those who have lived in Central New York all (or most) of their lives - What are the top things for visitors to do when they come here.

This was the response I got back, and I'm thinking I should try to get my family to do ALL of it. It would be a packed few days, but it would be an awesome way to show off a lot that Central New York has to offer!

I haven't been to a Saranac Thursday yet - so that would be new to my family and to me! What are some other things you think my family should check out while they're in Central New York?



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