I don't think I'll ever have a weekend in Central New York where I can say, 'I'm bored.' There's always SO much going on, sometimes it's hard to keep up!

Naomi Lynn/TSM

The weekends always seem to go by so fast - probably because there's always SO much to do (in so little time). Trying to fit in a 'New to Naomi' adventure every weekend is proving to be a challenge - not that there's nothing to do, but more because there's so much to do!

Instead of going out for another segment of 'New to Naomi' this weekend, I found myself at a wedding (Congratulations Mike and Hollie), and an afternoon of soaking up the sunshine while playing Kan-Jam. Now Kan-Jam is the perfect all afternoon event, playing it for hours until it gets dark (so no adventures Sunday night).

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Last weekend had the same feel to it - a wedding on Saturday night (Congratulations to Ryan and Brittany) - and a rainy, yucky Sunday made it hard to get out.

Here's to hoping a 'New to Naomi' is in store for this weekend - I guess it all depends on how busy life gets as the weekend gets closer!