After posting a video of 10 words from Central New York that any out-of-towner would pronounce wrong, it became a fun challenge to get all those ten words into one sentence.

Earlier a posted a list of the 10 words from Utica that any out-of-towner would pronounce wrong. That turned into a video of the correct ways to say those words. And with that idea still sitting in our heads, we were wondering if it was possible to use all those ten words in one sentence.

The rule was though, the sentence had to make sense. You couldn't just say these are ten words out-of-towners would have a hard time pronouncing (that would make it too easy). Well, Eric Meier apparently knows his stuff! He was able to put all ten words into a sentence - and it made sense.

So first of all - here are the ten words that if you're not from Utica or Central New York, you would probably have a hard time pronouncing:


Now, Eric Meier using his genius word skills and knowledge of the Central New York area, was able to turn those ten words into one sentence (and take a little bow at the end). Although, he's allowed to - that was pretty good.





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