When a politician poses next to a cow, you know there's something serious going on. Especially when it's a cow of color, because of course we had the recent "revelation" that chocolate milk does NOT come from brown cows.

Congressman Anthony Brindisi stood up for kids and farmers on Monday. There's a proposed rollback on flavored milk in schools. The recent proposal would make flavored milk less available in New York City schools. Brindisi sent a letter to New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, underscoring the importance of flavored milk in schools for both the children and upstate's dairy farmers. Here's part of what Brindisi said at a press conference at DiNitto Farm in Marcy:

Banning flavored milk hurts our kids and our hardworking farmers. I am calling on the Mayor and New York City to reject a ban of flavored milk in schools so that our kids can continue to get the nutrients they need from milk-in whatever flavor they like.

He pointed to research proving children who drink flavored milk ingest more necessary nutrients than those who don’t drink milk at all.

We'll be eagerly awaiting Brindisi's next campaigns involving peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches, hopscotch on playgrounds, and #2 pencils in the classroom. In all seriousness, good going, Congressman.


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