Have you heard the riddle going around on Facebook that goes "There's 30 cows in a field...How many didn't"? Do you want to know the answer?

Maybe you've seen this riddle floating around on social media, or have read it online somewhere. It' New York's favorite riddle and we have an answer to it.

If you don't want a cheat code aka the answer, now is the time to skip this video, or don't scroll down. Last call....

The full riddle goes: There's 30 cows in a field, 20 ate chickens, how many didn't? People are getting confused online because it sounds like 28, instead of 20 ate. That's why you need to listen to the video very carefully.

So if you do the simple math: 30-20= 10

Boom, now you are a bit wiser than you were before.


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