You grew up in the 70's. You lived it to it's fullest from your platform shoes to the bell bottoms and all the way up to your headband and the psychedlic thoughts that swam around in your head underneath. You may think you know everything there is to know, but here's some facts about the Disco music and those that played it that you might not've known... Till Now.

What does the 'K.C.' in KC and the Sunshine Band stand for?


They're not really super secret initials but rather a play on the band's founder's last name, Harry Wayne CASEY.

What disco artist served 4 months in jail at the age of 17 for stealing $30k worth of tires?


The guy that could make women fall at his feet just by speaking, low sexy-voice-owning Barry White did. He then decided to ditch his thug ways for music and has now been responsible for a zillion births since then! He then cleaned up his ways even further and became such a devout Christian that he turned down a voice role on South Park... Dang.

What radio host wrote Disco Duck which went on to sell 6 million copies?


None other than Rick Dees that many of us came to know on his Weekly Top 40 show. You may not also know that the guy that did the Disco Duck voice on the track was only paid a $50 bill for his talent (hmmm, at 6 million copies the record company made out like a bandit!) Another neat Rick Dees fact: he was fired from his radio show in L.A. and the guy that replaced him was none other than Ryan Seacrest. Can you imagine Rick as the American Idol host?

What rock band actually did a disco tune in 1979?


None other than fire-breathing costumed rockers, K.I.S.S.!!! Gene Simmons knows no bounds when it comes to marketing their band with whatever happens to be popular at the time and these guys pranced on lit up floors with disco balls above their heads to go with their pyro show that was already in place.

How old is the Disco Ball, really?


Turns out this wasn't invented during the Disco Era but was borrowed from at least 50 years beforehand and probably earlier! Clubs in the 'flashy' 20's had these babies up and there are reports that they were around during the Civil War era too!


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