The disco era was known for crazy looks and crazy dance moves. But perhaps, there was nothing that came out of the discotheques more nutty than the artists' album art.  We take a look at 5 memorable disco album covers.

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    Disco Tango

    Tommy Seebach

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    Tommy Seebach was an entrant from the Netherlands in a Eurovision song contest in 1979. His song, 'Disco Tango' name drops John Travolta and describes the moves of a girl he admires at the disco.

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    Light Up the Night

    The Brothers Johnson

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    The Brothers Johnson 1980 album 'Light up the Night' features thier biggest hit, Stomp. The album art looks like it's set in disco version of Cloud City with the Bros Johnson standing in for Lando Calrissian. Oh, and there's nothing, um, being insinuated by that purple spotlight at crotch level. Nothing at all.

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    Disco Duck

    Rick Dees and His Idiots

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    Radio had two different reactions to disco. Rock DJs like Chicago's Steve Dahl blew up disco records while Los Angeles's Rick Dees landed a top 40 hit with his novelty record Disco Duck.

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    Love for Sale

    Boney M

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    All I can say about the cover to this 1977 Boney M album is that there is no way that this cover art, which in my opinion, depicts misogynistic themes at best and outright slavery at worst, could ever be made today.

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    Do You Wanna Funk


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    Move over RuPaul. Sylvester was the gender-bending artist of the disco era. His 1982 hit is called 'Do You Wanna Funk.' So the album art - Egyptian goddess with cigarillo?

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