Of course the music can put you in the mood and bring you back to the Disco era as we prepare for our Studio 54 Disco Dance Party At MWP, but how can we forget the movies that delighted our senses from the 70's?! Here's our Top 5 and see if it matches up with yours...


Saturday Night Fever

What would any Disco list be without THIS one! John Travolta's got the MOVES and the music of the Beegee's catapults this classic to #1...


This is a wacky one and has John Travolta's costar from Grease in it, makes me wanna go to a skating arena underneath that Disco Ball!


Ah, David Bowie's music and an inspiring story about teenagers trying to make it in the cutthroat performing world.

Thank God It's Friday

The late great Donna Summer in this Disco classic where we first heard 'Last Dance'... Man, time time to grow my afro out, can you DIG it?

Car Wash

Last but not least, Richard Pryor's comedy was like no other and put some visuals to Rose Royce's  song of the same name... Man, what a decade this was! they don't make cars, comedians or music the way they used to!


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You grew up in the 70′s. You lived it to it's fullest from your platform shoes to the bell bottoms and all the way up to your headband and the psychedelic thoughts that swam around in your head underneath.

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