I've always loved what I do for a living - being in radio is great. But today, something big clicked in, and it's all thanks to you!

I'm just a few weeks away from celebrating my four-year anniversary of being in 'the biz.' With that coming up, I've been thinking a lot about my radio career - things I love, things that are not how I expected, and the changes from moving from one radio area to the next.

Naomi Lynn in the Lite 98.7 Studio
Naomi Lynn/TSM


Today, something big happened. As 'Lunch at the Lite Cafe' was going on (weekdays at noon), the people calling in made me realize something. This is why I love being in radio - the callers! It's not just a request show, it's a chance for me to talk one-on-one with others in our area.

Conversations can go from any topic - although the Comets are usually a big one! With Rob calling in to see if I got all my work done from the day before (so I could get out early and enjoy the beautiful day today), to David telling me it sounds like my cold is going away.

Simple conversations that may not mean a lot to someone, but to me - it's the world. Today was a huge reminder of why I do, what I do. It's all because of you! The listeners! That's what makes Utica feel like home to me - and I couldn't feel this way without you. So a big thanks to all the listeners, all the callers, and to the people in this community - making me feel like I've lived here my whole life!



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