Monday, July 24th was National Tequila Day and National Drive-Thru Day. Combine the two and you might have a new sensation. In fact, there is a Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida named El Tequila that has a drive-thru window.

It DID get us thinking about popular Central New York establishments that could use a drive-thru option. We put it out there on Facebook and received a number of write-in votes.

Wegmans has 92 stores and counting, mostly in New York, but is now expanding to many mid-Atlantic states. One commenter was hoping they'll decide to compete in the convenience field with Hannaford, which recently added drive-thru service at its Commercial Drive location.

Byrne Dairy, with stores in New Hartford, Whitesboro, and Clinton, gets a nod from one Facebook commenter named Amanda, who said "You could get milk without getting out of the car. They have places similar downstate and it works nicely."

Walmart, with a local store on Commercial Drive, was nominated by Ron, but only "so you don't have to see 'the People of Walmart,' although," he allowed that would be "half the fun."

Target, the superstore located on the other side of Commercial Drive, got a couple of votes. There were also votes for Liquor City in Syracuse, Nichols Market in Liverpool, and Kate added Mohawk Valley Cardiology "for a daily bp check."

If local businesses need some inspiration, other U.S. states have drive-thru law firms, funeral homes, wedding chapels, prayer booths, a medical clinic that specializes in treating contagious patients, and even a drive-thru donut shop called The Donut Hole, where you drive your car through the middle of a giant donut to conduct your transaction.

Don't forget: Lite 98.7 afternoon drive star CJ will be hosting his own Drive-Thru Takeover this Friday at noon at the McDonald's in Washington Mills, where you might get free lunch.


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