Sure, there's a lot of good things about this time of the year, but it's definitely not the best. Here's why...

1 - Cooler Weather: Hoodies and sweaters are comfy and everything, but they can never beat the feeling of the sun toasting your skin in the summer months.

2 - It Gets Darker Faster: There's nothing good about the days getting shorter.

3 - Leaves Falling: Yes, the leaves changing color is a beautiful sight, but when ALL the leaves fall, there's nothing left but the bareness of the trees. Plus, this year's fall foliage has been a disappointment for many. We didn't get the beautiful, vibrant colors we're used to.

4 - Speaking of Leaves Falling... They're everywhere! Seriously, somehow they get caught on shoes, pant-legs, or blow in when the door is open just for a second. There's nothing like walking into your living room and seeing a few leaves that somehow made their way inside.

5 - Different Schedules: Now that the kids are back in school, it's back to the less laid-back schedule. There's dance recitals, sports, you have to make time for homework, and everything else. Summer may be filled with vacations and adventures, but it still feels a lot more relaxing than the busy fall schedules.

6 - Snow is Coming: We've had enough of the snow after Winter Storm Stella, back in March. At least when it's June or July, we know we have some time left before the snow flies. Now that it's October... Well, it's a different story. The snow could start coming down anytime.

7 - Hibernation Begins: And with the weather getting colder, and the snow that will begin falling soon, everyone starts hibernating. Say goodbye to the summer adventures, hanging out outside, and enjoying the sunshine.

8 - Spiders: Yuck. And they're everywhere. This is a good time to spray the outside of your windows and doors with peppermint oil to keep these guys from trying to make your home, their home.




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