In honor of Firefighters' Day, this week's '98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn' video is about something firefighters have to do fast, that we don't usually think about.

Being a firefighter is no easy task, that's for sure. And because of all the courageous things and life-threatening tasks firefighters deal with, we've been taking a look into the life of one local firefighter each week for our "Firefighter Friday." Today is not Friday however, but it IS firefighters' day and we want to recognize it.

In the video (at the top of this page), we show you something that you probably don't really think about (although you've probably heard mention before), that firefighters have to do. Now, we're not getting into the serious stuff of all the training to run into buildings or all the drills they continually take to make sure they stay sharp.

Nope, instead we're looking at their gear (and not even all of it). In the video, we timed junior firefighter Michael Scoones from the Clinton Volunteer Fire Department, to see how fast he could get in gear. Seems like no big deal, right?! But if you think about it, when there is an emergency every second counts. Every. Single. One. And that's why they need to be able to get dressed and ready to go in seconds.

So how fast can a junior firefighter get in gear? Would you believe me if I said it's less than 30 seconds? ...Well it is. See for yourself in the video above.

Crazy, right?! And that's just one small thing firefighters need to be ready to do. We didn't even get into any of the "heavy" stuff like the air tanks that they sometimes have to carry on their back, their helmets (which are pretty heavy for something on your head), or anything like that.

We didn't mention all the other tasks they have to do, from rerouting traffic when there is an emergency, rescuing animals in need, dealing with car accidents, and responding to medical emergencies (which they have to do a lot), and of course putting out fires.

In honor of Firefighters' Day, we ask that you thank a local firefighter for their service and for all that they do. They're the ones running in when everyone is running out. They're the ones leaving their families during dinner so maybe you can make it to another dinner with your family. They sacrifice their life for yours. And for all that and more, all of us here at Lite 98.7 want to say "thank you" and we hope you do the same.


Do you know of a specific firefighter you think deserves recognition for the job they do? You can nominate them to be our next featured firefighter on "Firefighter Friday."





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