There's no end to the things that can stress us out.  Our job, bills, money, friends, family and so on.  Need more stress to stress about?  I've found the book for you! 

I stumbled upon this book in a box of stuff I'd put away a couple of years ago.   A friend of mine had given me 'The Little Book Of Stress'  a couple of years ago and I remember being amused  at some of the suggestions on how to add, yes add, more stress to your life.    For example:

-Shake up fizzy cans and bottles then leave them for someone else to open.

-Be late all the time.

-Be friends with people you really don't like.

-At the movies, sit near other people and then talk to your friends the entire time.

-Constantly switch lanes when driving and never use your turn signal

-Always lie, to everyone about everything.

-Work late as much as possible.  This will make you tired and irritable.

-Apply for lots of credit cards and once you get them, max them out.  Repeat the process.

-When using an ATM, do every transaction possible, especially if other people are waitng to use the ATM.

See how easy it is to add more stress to your life?  Seriously, what stresses you out the most?