Today we'd like you to consider bringing Daniella home with you. She is a beautiful, one year old, spayed female, black and white cat. One year is still quite young so you know you'll get a cat with plenty of kitten remaining.

Check out those gorgeous, golden eyes! She is a curious and playful girl who loves to climb and explore. She also enjoys playing with catnip mice and jingle balls. Daniella likes to be talked to and petted and she loves to meet new friends, so come visit her today! She has been patiently waiting for a home since October and she can't wait to find her forever family!

You can find out more about the pets available when you Email the Rome Humane Society of Oneida County. Or visit them at 6247 Lamphear Road.

Call to find out about Daniella, still waiting for you at the Rome Humane Society, by calling 336-7070.

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