The lengthy winter of our discontent is a distant memory. Here it is, mid-July and we've had a ton of 90-degree days in Central New York. Plus, our Lite 98.7 morning show is on fire.

Summer camp topics and mommy talk dominated the show this week, and we also "put down" the cell phone (literally and figuratively), and paid homage to our customers. Click the video for a brief montage of our weekly highlights and/or follow along to the description below for details of the Best of Beth & Dave for the week of July 16, 2018:

-Adult camp. It's a thing. And it came up after we sent Beth's son Jack off to Camp Gorham in the Adirondacks.

-Scary mom voice. It's also a thing. And a mom in California used it recently to scare off a home intruder. Check out the funny audio.

-Mommy and daddy. I say there's an age cut-off for referring to your parents in this fashion; Beth disagrees. Listen in and tell us which side you're on.

-Get to Know Your Customers Day. It's the third Thursday of July. We celebrated by giving away custom ceramic Lite 98.7 coffee mugs to folks who told us quirky stories about their lives.

-The Cell Phone Diet. Simon Cowell hasn't touched his in 10 months and says he feels great. How long could you go?


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