If you're been wondering what happened to the winter of 2011-2012 in upstate New York with our distinct lack of snowfall, look at the winter wallop that Mother Nature has served up to Alaska.

Earlier this season I shared with you a video from a winter storm that hit with the ferocity of a category 3 hurricane.  And the weather has not let up.

Valdez has recieved more than 65 inches of snow while elsewhere on the southern coast,

The National Guard headed to Cordova, a fishing town in southeastern Alaska, to dig people out from massive snowfall. Last Friday, snow was as deep as 59 inches or close to 5 feet. The snow depth shrunk to a "meager" 45 inches after a major storm rained on it Saturday and Sunday. The rain falling on top of the snow added to the weight. The heavy, compacted snow stressed roofs, which caused some roof collapses.

The videos below are from this winter in Cordova, southwest of Anchorage, including this first one of a great time-lapse un-burying of a car.

[Source:  Accuweather.com]