After a few weeks of anticipation, the Animal Adventure Park has officially announced a name for April The Giraffe's world famous baby.

In a Facebook live video, the park has announced that the baby will be named Tajiri. This name is Swahili in origin, and it means hope. The park plans on calling him "Taj" for short.

Many comments on their page are in support of the name:

"Great choice, harkoning back to his African roots, with great meaning"

"Wonderful news!!!! So happy for Allysa and Corey! An African name is perfect....our own TAJIRI! Powerful name for a boy that will someday be a 17ft bull giraffe"

Such a beautiful name for a magnificent animal. It will bring hope to saving these wonderful giraffes. Thank you all for teaching us about these amazing creatures"

You can visit your favorite Giraffe family beginning May 13th.



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