Artists can already take a plain canvas and turn it into a work of art that blows everyone's mind. Now imagine an artist doing that - but in less than one minute!

Creating a work of art, a masterpiece, is no easy task (even if the artists know how to make it look like that). And some works of art seem more crazy depending on the tool the artists uses - whether it's just color pencils, or paint brushes, or if they do something really weird like using food, or I don't know... spray paint?!

Think about it... Spray paint is hard to control. Imagine a work of art being created with spray paint (and I'm not talking about graffiti - which can look pretty cool). Wow, this is a lot harder to explain than I thought. This video should help it make sense.


Try this at home...Super Fast Spray Paint Artist Try this at home...

Posted by WYO - Wear Your Opinion on Saturday, January 11, 2014


I'm amazed! I wish I had artistic talent like that! Not only was the picture really cool, but the artist did this in less than one minute. It would take me more than a minute to line up the first mark! Kudos to the artist - seriously, that blew my mind.



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