The first week of November for the Lite 98.7 morning show featured highway pet peeves, "anesthesia goggles," a big scare in the company bathroom, and more. Presenting Beth & Dave's Top 5 Bits of the week, in no particular order:

1. The "spider incident" in the company bathroom. Beth always says nobody is ever more than eight feet away from one. For Dave, it was a LOT closer and, um, more intimate.

2. Beth & Dave discussed the "courtesy wave" and Dave surprised Beth with a homemade parody song on the topic.

3. Quotation marks are big this week: Beth introduced Dave to the concept of "anesthesia goggles."

4. In the week's best Your Momma Must Be So Proud story, it was a case of excess in (where else?) Florida that scored big.

5. Beth & Dave had a titanic struggle with one store's self-checkout register and brought in the audio for show-and-tell.

EXTRA CREDIT: A Kinda Hard Question provided fertile breeding ground for skewering Dave.


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