Oswego business man Bob Natoli has broke his 5th world record in less than 6 years yesterday for the record of the front dumbbell lifting. Bob also has records in chin ups, squat thrusts, curling, and now the dumbbells. Most people go their whole life hoping to break one record, Bob has broken five.

"It's about having a true vision for success in all you do, and it's not just about breaking records," said Natoli.

Bob not only broke the record, According to YNN he doubled it from previous Irish athlete Eamonn Keene.

"If I was going to compete with him, I would've stopped after 29 minutes or so, ‘cause I broke the record in about a half hour....I kept going as hard as I could possibly go, until the 60 minute bell rang," said Natoli.

By the end of the hour, Bob lifted 39,720 pounds. Bob dedicated his record  to the Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse, along with donating $5,000.

Along with setting world records, Bob is a motivational speaker. He just released a new book titled “True vision 4 Success”. You can pick this book up on Amazon.