We got the chance to talk to Jay Lavery, the farmer from Sharon Springs who went viral after posting a video of himself dancing in his barn. He's planning a big dancing event that everyone can be a part of.

After Jay Lavery became an internet sensation for his dancing video in his barn to Sia's "Cheap Thrills," the farmer decided to use his skills for good. Before he was even on Ellen DeGeneres, Jay was getting thousands of messages and comments about his video and how it inspired other people to get moving and lifted people's spirits. Of course, those messages and comments grew after being on Ellen's talk show.

That's where the idea for "Dance United for Peace" started. Jay tells us (in the interview at the top of this page), that he has followers from all over the world and people were so inspired of his dancing, he thought maybe he could bring people together... for peace.

On Monday, March 20th at 12pm, Jay will be LIVE on Facebook dancing in his barn, but he's asking everyone around the world to join him (that includes you). Drop whatever you're doing on Monday, go to your computer (or on your phone) and join in on the video on Jay Lavery's Facebook Page. Not only is this a moment to try to get as many people around the world dancing (and for peace), but he's also hoping to break a Guinness World Record. The record is for the most people involved in a flash mob, listening to the same music (don't worry, he'll have a list of the songs that will be playing while everyone is dancing).

So why not? Why not get up and start dancing, and "Dance United for Peace?" Again, it's this Monday, March 20th at 12pm. Join us along with Jay and people all around the world, as we take a little break from life, and just dance. And don't worry if you don't think you have good dance moves (that's not what this is all about anyway), just see the "Bonus Video" (below) of us and our coworkers practicing our moves.

You can also see Jay's sweet moves in his video below:





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