Haunted Doll House?
The listing on Craig's List says this is a "Vintage Beach Dollhouse" but I'm not so sure. Is that a pentagram on the miniature rug in the living room? Could this child's toy be haunted?
Haunted Ride to Old Forge
The Adirondack Scenic Railroad is hosting a Haunted History Excursion to Old Forge. Paranormal investigators and authors Dennis Webster and Bernadette Peck will take listeners on a journey through the dark past of Old Forge, followed by a thrilling tour on a forest trail. Tickets are on sale now.
Abandoned in Rome
These are the scenes in any city in America - as progress continues all around us, there are many places that get left behind, abandoned. Let's explore Rome with Abandoned CNY.
Abandoned in CNY: CharlesTown USA
Urban decay. Places that time forgot. The word "abandoned" is loaded with imagery of nature reclaiming the land. We're taking another look at CharlesTown USA.
5 Haunted Places in NY
Looking for some spooky fun before Halloween? Maybe check out one of these haunted locations in New York, with most of them being in or near Central New York.

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