The snow was flying and the Lite 98.7 morning show was plowing through early November in Central New York like a well-oiled truck. While you were shoveling snow outside, we were shoveling something else inside our Lite 98.7 studio.

We covered athletic workouts, movie scuttlebutt, and various acts of depravity and silliness from the world around us--especially in Florida. For a quick montage of audio highlights, click the video slideshow and/or follow along to the brief description below of The Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of November 12, 2018:

-Gym embarrassment. I almost bought it on the elliptical recently and Beth found out about it live on the air.

-Toy Story 4. The latest installment of the classic animated series is in the works and we don't like the rumors we're hearing about the plot developments.

-Catsup Catfight. Our daily 8:15 segment Your Momma Must Be So Proud delivered with a story about a contentious disagreement at a fast food restaurant.

-Jets DUI guy. The NFL fan who tried to blame his drunk driving episode on a certain struggling New York team led to stories about trying to get out of tickets.

-Fred Flintstone. Another episode of Your Momma Must Be So Proud involved a speeding motorist, a famous cartoon, and a Florida police department with a sense of humor.


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