Mac and cheese. It's a classic comfort food - loaded with carbs and cheese. But do you chew it? Or just swallow?

I'll be honest, I didn't even realize this was a debate until a friend brought it up on Facebook. I just assumed - like you might - that you chew it. I mean, it's pasta. Don't you chew pasta?

Credit: Gary Johnson/FB
Credit: Gary Johnson/FB

Apparently, there's a distinction between boxed mac and cheese and homemade mac and cheese - which tends to be heartier. I guess those little elbow macaronis don't really hold up to cooking, Kraft.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I HATE mac and cheese. I don't chew it, because I don't eat it. Unless you count baked ziti as mac and cheese, because I definitely eat that!)

To complicate matters, someone else pointed out that you probably don't chew oatmeal, and that's roughly the same consistency of mac and cheese. And what about Spaghettios? Do you chew that?

I think I chew everything. I thought I did. This has me questioning everything I thought I knew. Do I chew oatmeal? I chew Cheerios - even when they're mushy. Ice cream? I don't know anymore.

What do you do? Do you chew your mac and cheese? Or just swallow that stuff right down? We need to know.



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