You've got a good idea already... Snacking in front of the tv? Visiting the buffet? Enjoying a sundae with friends? Let's dissect those moments to blame for all of our weight gain problems!

Willpower isn't all it takes to lose weight, ya know- you only get so much of it before it's gone. The key is to accept the fact that your willpower will run out at some point, and plan strategies to get you through fattening situations. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen listed the top five moments that make you fat, and what you can do to outwit them.

On vacation

The problem: You're on vacation and you want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the local cuisine -- but you don't want to come home with pounds to shed.

The solution: "Go for it," advises Frances Largeman-Roth, a registered dietitian and senior food and nutrition editor at Health magazine. But share with others. If you're in Paris, for example, don't skip a visit to the bakery -- that would be tres triste -- but share the goodies with friends.

After a break-up

The problem: You want to bury your sorrows in a pint of ice cream.

The solution: "Instead of meeting your friend for a drink to dish about your ex, meet up for a power walk or run," Largeman-Roth advises. Also, sign up for a team that is training for a 5K or some other race to distract your self and meet new people.

A party with fabulous food

The problem: You're at a party and everything looks delicious. It's free, it's in front of you, and no one's stopping you.

The solution: Don't arrive famished, says Dr. Melina Jampolis, CNNHealth's diet and fitness expert. Eat a small protein snack before the party, such as a few slices of turkey, a half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese, or half a protein bar.

Also, limit your alcohol, and not just because it's caloric, but because if it's hard to control yourself while you're sober, imagine how much harder it is while tipsy.

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